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Coerver® Coaching West Midlands are delighted to announce that Performance Academy member Vinnie Dwyer, has signed a new 2 year contract at Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. Vinnie attends the Performance Academy in Coventry to supplement the work he does within his professional academy environment.

Following the news, Vinnie’s parents Conor & Lisa said Since Vinnie has attended Coerver we can see a great development in his technical side which is the main reason he attends Coerver. For us as parents, more importantly, we see the Vinnie really enjoying himself and being allowed to express himself with encouragement from all the coaches. Vinnie’s coach, Luke, has been especially supportive of Vinnie both on and off the training pitch which we are incredibly grateful for”.

Marc Campbell, Foundation Phase Lead Coach at Wolverhampton Wanderers recognised the work Vinnie has been doing at Coerver® “Vinnie has developed his technical ability massively over the last 12-18 months which I believe has been due to his development within the academy programme and the additional work that he has been doing with Coerver. Vinnie has continued to develop his ability to manipulate the ball with both feet comfortably in unopposed and opposed situations well and I believe this has increased due to the additional work he has been doing with Coerver”.

Marc added “Vinnie has been keen to feedback to his team mates and coaches about his experiences with Coerver® and was over the moon about being invited to visit Real Madrid (something that every player dreams about) and really enjoyed the time that he spent in Spain. Vinnies application and positive attitude to combine his academy training programme with his Coerver work has no doubt been beneficial to him over his last 18 months with us and I was delighted to offer him another contract with the football club for a further two years”.

Vinnie (Pictured with Real Madrid Castilla player Javier Noblejas) spoke of the signing “I have signed for a further 2 years with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, with the coaches mentioning my hard work and commitment as some of the reasons I’ve been given the contract. A special mention was given to my technical improvement and how they felt my time with Coerver Coaching has really helped me develop that side of my game. I feel Coerver has helped me socially, physically and technically and it’s a great addition to the great coaching I get with my academy, Wolves”.

Coerver® Coaching West Midlands Performance Academy Manager and Vinnie’s Performance Academy Coach Luke Cheyne was delighted to hear of Vinnie’s news “Vinnie epitomises the type of mindset that has allowed him to continue to progress, on and off the pitch. Vinnie is always keen to understand his strengths and areas for improvement, and off his own back, always requests continuous feedback in regards to this”.

Luke added “His consistent hard work, determination and passion for ensuring no stone goes un-turned in terms of his development as a young player, has seen him improve all aspects of his games whilst involved in the Coerver Programme. He has now begun to develop not only his technical ability with both feet, but also the tactical awareness off the ball. Without a shadow of a doubt, a bright future lies ahead for Vinnie providing he continues his excellent work rate. He is a credit to himself. Well done Vinnie”.

Scott Wright, UK Director Coerver® Coaching said “The concept behind Performance Academy is to give players a professional level of support both on and off the pitch. We have different levels of ability within the programme which are all catered for, the big requirement for us is that the players need to want to learn and work hard while they are with us but also while they are at home. We have had enormous success in terms of players progressing to professional clubs from our programme in the UK which is testament to the fantastic work that the staff here have done and continue to do and of course the application of the players and the commitment of the parents, it really is a team effort”.

Scott added “Vinnie is a prime example of a young player who has worked extremely hard and has benefitted immensely from the environment that we provide here at Performance Academy. Vinnie profited hugely from the Coerver UK PRO Tour whereby 60 Performance Academy players were given the opportunity to travel to Spain and train at the world famous Real Madrid training centre. We wish Vinnie luck in the next part of his football education with Wolverhampton Wanderers and I’m sure if he continues to apply himself in the way he has with us, he will do well”.

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