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Coerver® Coaching have recently returned from Brazil following the delivery of the latest instalment of the FIFA™ Football For Hope project. Coerver® Coaching Directors Mike Smith (Coerver® EMEA), Manuel Ojalvo (Coerver® Spain), and Rick Moss (Coerver® Texas) conducted a Coerver® Coaching Introduction Course for 30 Brazilian coaches working with inner city/disadvantaged kids throughout Brazil (See below image).

The program was organized by Street Football World and their local affiliate AMC and was sponsored by adidas®. The aim of the course was certainly NOT to teach Brazilians how to play football!, but to focus on how to use the Coerver® approach to motivate young players and excite them about training and skill development.

One special event within the course was a presentation by the regional association for football for the blind, led by coach Gabriel Mayr. Urece Sport and Culture ( which is an non-profit organisation which specializes in ministering football sessions for people with visible impairments, gave course participants an opportunity to put on eye covers and find out first hand the challenges of playing without sight.

With great perseverance the participants learned that it can be done. As are result of the session, Coerver® Coaching has agreed to work with the Brazilian Blind Football Association to develop a training method based on modified Coerver® drills and games.

CCEMEA Director, Mike Smith, with Brazilian Blind Football Paralympian, Anderson Dias.

Activities for disadvantaged kids will be at the centre of the Coerver® Coaching development focus for Brazil and we hope to supplement this by officially establishing Coerver® Coaching Brazil in 2014.

Here are some of the comments from the Coerver® Coaching participants about the course:

“These Coerver training days in Porto Alegre will be key to our future projects and will certainly help us deliver quality programs; and that is what children need”. – Evandro Silveira

“I am greatly satisfied with the training received by Coerver, I think the theoretical and practical sessions were very interesting and I am convinced that we can now offer our children a better quality program for now and in the future”. – Thom Freitas

“We are already applying the training received by Coerver in our program and have gained wide acceptance by children, families and educators”. – Peppi Lopes

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