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Coerver® Coaching Co-founder, Alf Galustian & UK Director Scott Wright, have recently returned from delivering a series of education clinics for clubs and coaches in Spain. Four days of coach education were hosted at the Camilo José Cela sports university in Madrid and included sessions delivered for the Madrid Coaches Association, alongside a two day Coerver® Youth Diploma course.

Finally the fourth day was a session for grassroots clubs. The sessions were attended by a mixture of grassroots and professional coaches from across Spain and Europe (see below image). An additional 5-day course was also delivered by Coerver® UK Director, Scott Wright at CDB Massanassa in Valencia, who are the first club in Spain to become a Coerver® Partner Club.

Alf Galustian said “It is common knowledge that Spain are the current leading developers of football talent and they have implemented a style of play that is the envy of world football. This has been backed up by results and performances with Spain winning the last three major championships in a row, which has never been achieved before and may never be achieved again”.

“I have worked in Spain as a coach educator several times throughout my career and it is great to be invited back and to see that even after all of the success that Spain is having in terms of developing players, that they are still looking at new ways to give their players an extra edge. Many influential coaches here feel that Coerver is a proven and effective way to do this which is great to hear coming from the many excellent coaches that I have worked with here in Spain”.

“The feedback to the clinics was very positive from the attendees that had come from all levels of the game and included Jose Morais, First Team Coach of Real Madrid CF (see below image with Alf Galustian) who said “I am a long-time fan of Coerver Coaching, and recommend it to every coach I meet. I use some of the Coerver work with the First Team at Real Madrid and one of the wonderful things about Coerver is that it can be adaptable to players of all abilities”.

Diego Camacho (See below image – centre with Alf Galustian), who played over 400 Games in La Liga and has recently retired to begin his coaching career in Spain said “Every ex-professional player, no matter the level, who is thinking about moving into coaching should definitely study the Coerver System; I wish it had been available to me when I was a young, it would have made me a better player”.

Manuel Ojalvo (see above image – right with Alf Galustian), former Atletico Madrid Player, said “In my opinion, Coerver is essential for the next generation of players in Spain. While there are three or four strong youth programs at professional clubs here, there needs to be more quality programs across the country and I believe that Coerver provides the content and teaching system that fits perfectly with the Spanish philosophy of Football”.

Antonio Lorrente, Under 16 Youth Team Coach of La Liga club Getafe, said “The Coerver course was different to any I have been on in Spain, there was a more detailed explanation of how to teach skills than I had heard or seen before”.

Miguel Medina Tierno (see below image with Alf Galustian & Scott Wright), President of the Madrid Coaches Association described Alfred Galustian as “A Coaching Maestro!”.

Lubo Moravcik, Glasgow Celtic FC Legend and Czechoslovakia National Team Player said “I travelled from Prague, especially to attend the Coerver course. as a former International Player, Coerver is essential not only to kids but the highest level of player. In my opinion, Coerver is the top technical program in the World”.

Coerver® UK Director Scott Wright (see below image), said of the visit “It is fantastic for us to be working in Spain which is without doubt, the most successful football development programme in the world currently. The reputation of the Coerver programme in Spain is really starting to grow and it is great that the coaches and clubs here see real value in the work that we deliver and how this can integrate with and compliment the already very successful programme they are running”.

“There is an open mindedness and thirst for knowledge here that I find refreshing and is probably one of the reasons that they are so successful. They also have a real desire to remain as the number one team in the world and from speaking to many professional coaches here, they know that their programme will need to evolve to stop other nations catching them up.

“From the feedback we have had during our time in Spain, many of the coaches and clubs that we are working with see Coerver as an effective system to assist with this evolution process. We have had coaches from all levels attend our courses here including La Liga clubs Real Madrid, Getafe, Real Mallorca and Rayo Vallacano as well as other coaches and ex-players from across Spain and Europe which speaks volumes for the credibility that the Coerver programme is building in Spain but also has globally”.

“In addition to the Madrid clinics, I spent five days in Valencia working with CDB Massanassa (see below image) who are the first club in Spain to become a Coerver Partner Club. This new support programme is something we have piloted since 2011 and continue to run at Premier League club Stoke City FC and we are now rolling this out through our networks across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world”.

“The idea is that we support the club, whether it be grassroots or professional in a number of areas that includes, coach education, technical coaching with the players, curriculum provision/development with all of the above being supported by e-learning through our Partner Club website. With the level of professional, on-going support and guidance that we provide, we feel that the clubs will have an outstanding structure in place with a clear vision for successful, long term coach and player development in their local area. Over time, this will help to improve long-term performance for the club as a whole, both on and off the pitch”.

“The programme is working really well and we feel that over time we can have a real influence on the way the game is taught and eventually played in the various countries that we operate in around the world through our new Partner Club programme”.

Paco Lopez, Sporting Director of CDB Massanassa said of the initial Partner Club course “The course has been a great success and has had a very good acceptance by our coaches, players and parents. How to implement the exercises, the intensity, the little time lost between exercises and real-time training is totally different than usual here is Spain. For coaches it is very interesting the way that Coerver teach the concepts of football, how one can progress each exercise just by changing the speed or difficulty, all demonstrated perfectly by Scott Wright over this last five days. All coaches were delighted with the course and very excited about moving forward to apply this method”.

“Parents at the end of the training sessions of their children were greatly surprised and pleased. They had never seen a similar way to train, as I said before, fun, enjoyable, and really focused on the individual learning and development of each child. We all realized that by using the Coerver method the evolution of our children in terms of playing football will be higher and faster than using any other system or method of training that we have access to. We do not want to simply win titles with this programme, we believe that improving the training of the coaches and players individually will eventually lead to the improvement of the teams and thus the level of the club as a whole”.

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