This information is designed to give all parents and players, guidance, and recommendations to help facilitate the return/continuation of COERVER® COACHING activities while following all Scottish Government guidelines.

In line with Scottish Government and sportscotland guidance, we have set out age-related guidance for Under-12s and 12–17-year-olds.

Guidance for All Ages

  • OUTDOOR ACTIVITY      All activity for all age groups must take place outdoors.
  • NO SPECTATING              Parents/carers are reminded that spectating is not permitted at any time and they should not congregate at the facility or nearby.
  • TRAVEL                               Parents/carers can take a young person under the age of 18 out of their Local Authority area for their organised activity.
  • COVID-19 ELEARNING                All players, participants over the age of 13, and parents and carers are advised to undertake a COVID-19 eLearning course if they or their children are to participate in sports training, competitions and other events, course can be found at

Under 12 Activity

  • Contact activity for this age group is permitted, however physical distancing should be in place before and after activity.

12-17 years

  • Contact activity for this age group is permitted, however physical distancing should be in place before and after activity.

Additional Measures

  • Appropriate one-way systems in place at your respective facility.
  • Hygiene measures are implemented at all times.
  • All activity arranged to take place in an appropriately risk assessed venue.
  • 2m Physical distancing necessary for coaches at all times.
  • A covid-19 coordinator (see details below) ensuring all measures are in place.
  • A covid-19 venue coordinator for each individual venue.
  • Ongoing Staff Training in place for all Coerver® Coaches.

This guidance applies to all Coerver® Coaching Scotland activities and is in accordance with the current Scottish Government guidelines.

All information is correct at time of publishing and subject to change.


In line with best practice guidelines, Coerver® Coaching Scotland have appointed a COVID-19 Coordinator. This role will be filled by our Head of Operations and Technical Director, Joe Jones.

Through the COVID-19 Coordinator, Coerver® Coaching Scotland will ensure all players, coaches, parents, facilities, and other stakeholders are fully aware of the arrangements and their responsibilities and that they always follow procedures and policies.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 protocols and if you must pass on their details to a member of the NHS Scotland Test & Protect team, you should contact Joe.



Email:  Mobile: 07767 166297

Phone: 0844 8080 442


A COVID-19 Venue Coordinator will be present at each session delivered. COVID-19 Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator will be keeping a record/register of all course attendees for contact tracing purposes.

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